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Below-Grade Waterproofing

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Below-Grade Waterproofing is used to keep water out of basements, underground parking structures, foundation walls, slabs on-grade and anything else that is designed to be built below the ground. In many commercial installations, elevator pits, sumps and other underground equipment rooms must be watertight to ensure that expensive components are kept safe from intruding water.

Positive Side Waterproofing:

Positive Side Waterproofing is applied to the exterior of a structure. This requires access to the exterior and is not always possible, especially for underground structures where parking lots and sidewalks have been installed after the initial build. If access to the exterior is limited, or digging is not advisable, it may be necessary to use a negative side waterproofing solution.

Negative Side Waterproofing:

Negative side waterproofing is sealing from the interior of a structure. This is often the lesser option due to cracking and the need to work around interior structures that are often unmovable.

Proper Drainage:

Once your home or office has been properly sealed, you will need to assess whether or not proper drainage is necessary in addition. We are a highly trained team who will advise you on drainage options, such as French drains, sump pumps or footing drains.

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