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Concrete Spall Repair

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Spalling concrete is a common problem as parts of your concrete surface breaks or chips away. This area becomes more and more susceptible to increased damage and the structural integrity of that concrete is diminished over time. This is often due to thermal shock (freeze/thaw) cycles, physical impact or improper building techniques during construction.

Preventing Concrete Spalling:

Maintaining a proper seal coat on concrete surfaces can lower the probability of spalling occurring, and quickly repairing areas that are noticeably porous prior to an issue arising.

Concrete Spall Repair:

We will assess the issue and devise a plan to repair the spalled area, typically using special color-matching compounds. Resurfacing the affected area may be necessary if it is likely that other areas may become damaged as well. In some cases, especially when poor mixtures were used, we may find it necessary to replace the entire concrete structure.

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