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Rain gutters perform their best when clear of debris and clogs, allowing water to flow and discharge safely away from your home and landscaping. Gutter guards are a vital part of a complete gutter system. They are sometimes called leaf filters, gutter screens, and gutter covers. No matter what you call them, having well-performing, quality gutter guards will level up your home's waterproofing protection.


What are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are a type of protective filter attached to the tops of existing gutters that prevent leaves, seeds, twigs, pine needles, rodents, shingle grit, other falling or flying debris from collecting in gutters.

They come in various styles and materials, but all have the same goal: keeping gutters clean and clog-free. When gutters are clean, rain and runoff roof water can quickly travel through your gutter system and safely discharge away from your home or building structures.

Dangers of Not Having Gutter Guards

Accumulation of debris in gutters results in the blockage and overflow of water that can be both a nuisance and pose a significant risk to your home or building's integrity.

Most people realize their gutters need cleaning when they walk beneath overhangs and find water trickling down on them. However, clogged and debris-filled rain gutters pose far more dangers to your home. Improper drainage can cause rainwater to back up under your shingles, create roof leaks, and cause damage to your home or office interior.

Compromised gutters result in costly damage to your trim, siding, fascia, decks, patios, and notoriously--your foundation. Clogged gutters can also displace and erode your well-designed landscaping and along with many other homeowner concerns.

Aside from the risk to your home, unprotected gutters can cause headaches and problems for the homeowner. Whether giving up weekends a few times a year or dealing with the hazards of climbing ladders and injuries from scraping gutters, high performing gutter guards eliminate these homeowner concerns.

Can You Help Me Choose the Best Gutter Guards for My Home?

Absolutely! Our gutter guards can be installed on any gutter, building, or roof. We carry a variety of high-quality gutter protection products to suit every homeowner's goal and budget.

We are very proud to be professional installers for Gutterglove ® products, The Nation’s Most Trusted Gutter Guards ®. Gutterglove ® offers the nation's thickest stainless steel wire mesh and the strongest aluminum support of any gutter guard on the market.

As a DoneRight Partner by Gutterglove™ , we are 100% committed to Do it Right. Do it Once.™ gutter protection. Homeowners who choose Benson & Falgout have access to a much broader array of options to serve the specific needs of their home, climate, and natural surroundings.

If you are ready to prevent or remedy the costs and hazards of uncovered gutters, and gain the ultimate peace of mind, contact us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate.

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