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Leaks are an inevitable part of building ownership and hiring the right professional to assess and correct leaks is of the utmost importance. The first step in that process is to determine the leak points so that a plan can be made to remediate the issues and return your building to normal.

Detecting Leaks:

As professional waterproofers, we are uniquely qualified to find leaks in your structure, roof, and other points, then repair them properly to ensure that the water infiltration does not damage your building any further. We have extensive knowledge and practices that allow us to find leaks and correct them quickly to prevent additional costly repairs.

We use a variety of techniques to find leaks, determine how they started, then address the needs for the repair. As water may travel some distance from the original place of infiltration, we must map the path back to the source. This can often be tricky, and experience matters.

Even Small Leaks Matter:

One thing to remember. Small leaks often become big leaks, and even while they are small, they are a big problem. The damage caused behind the scenes can be devastating and create costly repairs that become necessary long after the fact. Quickly determining the issue and repairing it can save a small fortune in additional damages caused by a seemingly small leak.

Call the Experts:

If you suspect that you have a leak or have spotted infiltration that cannot be explained simply, call us today and schedule an appointment. We are a highly experienced team of waterproofing experts who will find the source, and we will be honest about how best to go about mitigating further damage to your building.

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