Traditional Gutters Compared to Seamless Gutters

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Traditional Gutters Compared to Seamless Gutters

What is the difference between traditional gutters compared to seamless gutters?

A frequently asked questions by new customers is “What is the difference between traditional gutters compared to seamless gutters?” In this article, we are discussing what some people call traditional gutter systems and how they compare to the seamless gutter systems we use today.

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Traditional Gutter Systems

Jay Falgout, co-founder and gutter expert with Benson & Falgout explains that the older, conventional gutter systems were made of galvanized material, which obviously rusts over time. They came in 10-foot sections, creating a joint about every 10 feet that must be sealed. With the expansion and contraction of the metal, obviously, this could develop leaks over time. They were also installed using a spike and ferrule. This system had one major problem. The ferrule, which is basically a metal tube, was placed inside the gutter in a 7″ metal spike. It was then driven through the face of the gutter, through the ferrule, and into your home’s facia. Water would get inside this barrel, run back toward the facia, eventually causing facia rot.

Seamless Gutter Systems

Today’s seamless gutter systems provide improvements that are dramatically better than what we used to have. Seamless gutter systems have a hidden hanger, which is mechanically fastened with a number 10″ screw and neoprene washer. The gutter is placed behind the metal drip edge. When attached, it creates a counter flashing that prevents water from getting between the back of the gutter and the facia.

Seamless gutters are made out of aluminum with baked-on enamel paint. They’re excreted thorough row-forming machines, so you’ve got a continuous piece of the gutter –up to 100 feet long. All your outside and inside miters have a strip miter fastened, which is fastened with a self-piercing sheet metal screw. They’re sealed with the tripolymer sealant on all your end caps and miters. They are just all-around a lot better gutter system than what we used to have.

More Information on Seamless Gutters

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