Waterproofing and Restoration Services for The Hilton Hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana 

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Waterproofing and Restoration Services for The Hilton Hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana 

Shreveport, LA – Situated in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana and adjacent to the Shreveport Convention Center, The Hilton Shreveport undertook a project to modernize and protect its property. Focused on updating aesthetics and durability, this effort aimed to ensure a welcoming and resilient environment for the future. Benson and Falgout led the exterior restoration endeavor and leveraged their expertise for this important project.

Our seamless collaboration with The Hilton Shreveport’s General Manager, Marianne Nelson, and her dedicated team aligns with our shared values of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction. This partnership was key in executing a project focused on structural enhancements, trust, and excellence commitment.

Project Scope Overview

Our project at The Hilton Shreveport included extensive aesthetic enhancements and functional updates. We began by replacing outdated sealants in control joints and wall penetrations to prevent water damage. Then, we cleaned the exterior with pressure washing before applying two elastomeric waterproof coatings. These coatings not only modernized the hotel’s appearance from light pink to white and black but also provided protection against weather and maintained its durability. Additionally, we upgraded all windows with fresh sealant and wet glazing for a blend of visual appeal and longevity.

The porte-cochere area underwent a remarkable upgrade, replacing old pavers with new concrete and an attractive stamped overlay. The limestone in front of the hotel was meticulously cared for, with a thorough cleaning and silicone coating to maintain its elegance and durability against the elements. This meticulous approach extended to all areas, such as applying traffic-grade coating and a stamped wood overlay in the outdoor lounge, enhancing both the space’s appeal and practicality.

Project Impact

The comprehensive restoration and waterproofing project at downtown The Hilton Shreveport demonstrates our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and long-lasting value. Our expertise and dedication ensure results that exceed expectations. As a Louisiana-based family business, we prioritize a personal approach and strive for excellence in service delivery. This endeavor exemplifies our ability to uphold these values, securing The Hilton Shreveport’s position as a beacon of hospitality and durability well into the future.

Interested in elevating the look and durability of your property? Discover how our tailored exterior restoration services can transform your space. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and ensure your investment stands the test of time.


Project Gallery – Before

Project Gallery – After

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