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Seamless gutters are custom gutter systems made specifically for your home, and offer many advantages over traditional gutter systems.

Two story brick house with gutters

Perfect Fit For Your Home or Office

As traditional gutter systems come in standard lengths, they must be cut and pieced to fit your home. This means many more opportunities for leaks, which can damage the wood they are attached to. Seamless gutters solve this problem by being made in one uniform section with no seams to leak or buckle as they age.

Seamless Gutters Look Better

Seamless gutters have a much more uniform look and stay that way throughout their lifetime. Colors are consistent across the length of the section because they are made from the same sheet of metal. With traditional gutters, some sections may be slightly different colors that may age differently.

Less Maintenance

Traditional gutter systems require much more maintenance as the seams are usually sealed using gutter sealant. The sealant breaks down over time and will need to be replaced or leaks will occur. Seamless gutters remove this worry from the start and make the most sense.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gutters

What materials are used to make gutters?

The most common material for gutters is aluminum. Gutters are also available in copper and galvalume, a steel substrate coated with an aluminum and zinc mixture.

What is meant by seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters refer to the gutters themselves. Gutter sections can be extruded seamlessly, without any joints, except for outside and inside corners of the home. The gutter must then be cut on each corner and joined together with a strip miter. The strip miter is screwed in place with a self-piercing sheet metal screw and then caulked with a self-leveling tri-polymer seam sealant.

What are the color choices for gutters?

Aluminum gutters are available in dozens of colors to match your home or office exterior preferences. Galvalume gutters look like galvanized metal and keep their gunmetal appearance for many decades. Copper gutters initially look like a shiny copper penny. Over time, the copper oxidizes and changes to a historic-looking, unique green patina.

Can I paint my gutters?

You can paint the gutters if they are properly cleaned and prepared to receive paint. The aluminum gutter coil comes with a baked-on enamel paint finish that the manufacturer warranties for 50 years.

How are the gutters and downspouts attached to the house?

The gutters have a hidden hanger spaced 2 to 3 feet apart, depending on the length. The back of the gutter is placed behind the roof drip edge to prevent water from getting in between the back of the gutter and the fascia. The hangers are then mechanically fastened with a #10 x 1 ½” Ruspert coated screw with a neoprene washer. The downspouts are attached with aluminum straps that are either screwed into wood and Hardie siding or anchored into brick and stone mortar with an expandable drive-pin anchor.

How many downspouts will I need?

It depends on the square footage, rooflines, and pitch of the roof. A general rule of thumb is every 30 feet.

How do I keep leaves and debris out of my gutters?

Gutter guards are the best solution to this problem. There are many options depending on your budget and the size of the tree leaves and debris.

What is the cost to have gutters installed?

The cost varies on the size, type of material, and shape of the gutter. Cost can range from under $6.00 a linear foot for standard 5” OG (Old Gothic) K-style aluminum seamless gutters and 2” x 3” downspouts to over $30.00 a linear foot for 6” reverse bead half-round gutters with exposed brackets and 4” round downspouts.

What are the advantages of each type of gutter?

Different construction materials have advantages over others, and gutters are no exception.

Aluminum gutters come in dozens of colors, are lower in cost, quick to install, and the most often requested.

Galvalume gutters cost more than aluminum but less than copper gutters. Their aluminum and zinc mixture coating make them rust-resistant. Their steel substrate is exceptionally strong, holding up better in environments prone to high wind and rains.

Copper is the most expensive of gutter drain systems, but it is extremely durable, beautiful, low maintenance, eco-friendly, and long-lasting.

What is the difference between seamless gutters and traditional gutters?

This is such a commonly asked questions that we did a special article and video on it. Watch below or read Traditional Gutters Compared to Seamless Gutters.


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