Signs Your Parking Garage Needs Repair and Restoration

Three story parking garage

Commercial building owners and managers sometimes forget the importance of their parking garage:  it’s a critical part of your business that makes a vital first impression on customers and provides a safe, convenient place to park. Suppose your garage is showing signs of wear or damage. In that case, taking steps toward restoration or preventative…

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5 Top Sources of External Water Leaks in Commercial Buildings

Exterior waterproofing of Meridian Condos in Baton Rouge, LA

Water damage is a costly and challenging problem that can cause major frustration for owners and managers of commercial buildings. It can often be challenging to track down the source of an external water leak, so hiring the right professionals for the job is crucial. At Benson & Falgout, we have years of experience and…

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What Does a Commercial Waterproofer Do?

Beck Building Shreveport Louisiana Waterproofing

As a building owner or property manager, commercial waterproofing services are one of the most effective tools you can utilize to extend the life of your building and protect your investment. At Benson & Falgout, we pride ourselves on solving one of the most challenging and costly problems businesses face – water intrusion and the…

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LSU Beach Volleyball Stadium

LSU Beach Volleyball Stadium - Baton Rouge, LA

It was a privilege to be a part of bringing LSU’s Beach Volleyball Stadium to life. In January, the tennis stadium was refurbished to become the new home of the LSU Beach Volleyball team. Our project included new sealant in the expansion joints, applying traffic coating in the stadium, and the installation of the beautifully…

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LSU Tiger Stadium Deck Restoration and Coating Project

LSU Tiger Stadium Ramp Project

Baton Rouge, LA – Fantastic job by our highly skilled team that wrapped up a few weeks ago. Happy to help keep Tiger Stadium in top condition with this deck restoration and coating project.   Restoration and Coating Project Completed on LSU Tiger Stadium  

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