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Structural Concrete Repairs

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Structural Concrete Repair:

Cracked and deteriorated structural concrete affects every aspect of a structure. When cracks are noticed, it is imperative that you call a professional to assess the issue and devise a plan to correct it.

Epoxy Injection:

Epoxy injection is a typical structural concrete repair tool that is used to reinforce the affected areas, and is actually stronger than the original concrete. We will inspect the area and first determine whether or not your repairs can be accomplished with epoxy. Injection and vent ports are then bored into place and the area is cleaned carefully. Low-pressure epoxy is injected into the injection ports and then sealed to prevent leakage and voids.

Structural Concrete Replacement:

In some cases a crack may be present that is too far gone for epoxy injection repairs. In this instance, the unsound concrete must be replaced for safety reasons. Replacing structural concrete is a delicate procedure and safety guidelines must be adhered to. We highly recommend that you only hire a professional contractor who is highly versed in such repairs to ensure that you are receiving the best guidance possible.

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