Wet Glazing: The Solution for Commercial Building Window Leaks

Office building with glass atrium - Lafayette, LA

Anyone who is an experienced owner or manager of commercial buildings knows that window leaks are one of the most common and costly causes of damage to buildings. As commercial waterproofing specialists, the team at Benson & Falgout has the expertise to track down the source of window leaks, solve the problem and – perhaps…

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5 Top Sources of External Water Leaks in Commercial Buildings

Exterior waterproofing of Meridian Condos in Baton Rouge, LA

Water damage is a costly and challenging problem that can cause major frustration for owners and managers of commercial buildings. It can often be challenging to track down the source of an external water leak, so hiring the right professionals for the job is crucial. At Benson & Falgout, we have years of experience and…

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